The senior living industry is a constantly growing entity with more facilities opening to accommodate a sector of society that continues to expand as the elderly continue to live longer, many of them requiring nursing homes or assisted living facilities to tend to their daily needs and desires. These facilities provide many opportunities for providers and residents alike, but along with this come many challenges as well.


This is an industry that consists of facilities, communities and caregivers whose main goal is to provide a vast array of different types of services to match the individual needs of their clientele. The goal of Dignicare insurance, as the name implies, is to provide individuals with a dignified life and the type of care that goes along with it.


Safety is at the forefront of a solid risk management plan


In many nursing homes and assisted living facilities there is the potential for accidents to occur. Having safety meetings to discuss past instances where an accident happened can help with prevention moving forward. Owners need to be able to identify and assess potential liabilities that exist within the organization, develop and implement preventive strategies, and help staff to understand and better create operational efficiencies.


For example, a carpet with a rip or tear in it can potentially lead to a fall. For many elderly people, a fall which results in a broken or fractured hip is an injury that may take months to overcome, and some may not ever heal from such an accident. These are the types of things that staff should be aware of, and look for remedies to the issues. After all, a new carpet is a lot less expensive than a costly lawsuit filed by the family of an injured resident.


By implementing safety measures and a sound risk management strategy that helps to protect residents and involve caregivers in the process, owners can go a long way towards increasing resident safety and satisfaction, and increase census while reducing staff workload. This can lead to a decrease in employee turnover while at the same time building an environment that enables managers and staff to provide the very best care possible.


With competition a concern, and the need to have a reputation as the type of facility that provides the utmost in care when it comes to senior living, isn’t it prudent to have a happy, devoted staff, satisfied, thriving residents, and a good safety record? Running a facility that represents dignity and care, and having Dignicare insurance can make all the difference!


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