When you own and operate a business on or near a body of water, it creates unique circumstances you must address through your insurance. Should a worker sustain an injury while on a boat away from your docks, for example, standard insurance might not cover any of the costs. This is why it is useful to take time to familiarize yourself with the United States Longshore & Harbor Act. As dictated by this act, businesses can take extra steps to protect workers no matter what the circumstances might be.

How USL&H Coverage Works

For the most part, USL&H coverage is straightforward. Should one of your workers become sick or injured while working on, repairing, building, or traveling on one of your vessels, this extra coverage will help to cover any costs associated with the scenario. In many ways, this acts as sort of an extension of a standard policy for workers’ compensation. However, this type of coverage also helps business owners avoid major fines and imprisonment after an accident occurs. Other benefits include:

  • Extra attention for workplace injuries
  • Reduce risks through preliminary actions
  • Stay compliant with federal laws

Protecting Your Business From All Fronts

Though you might believe your current insurance plan is enough to protect your workers, this is not always the truth. Review the basics of USL and H coverage to see if this is the type of plan you need to take out to cover all of your bases.