When you purchase insurance for your Orlando home, you might need to cover more than just a house. Pools, fences, and storage on your property all need to be included in your policy. Your Orlando homeowners insurance may only minimally cover these parts of your home, and some assets might not be covered at all. You may need to explore insurance policies that include special coverage.

What Assets Need Special Coverage?

It is important to consider all parts of your home that need coverage. Think about all of the structures on your property that are valuable even though they are not part of the house. Many homes in the area include pools, screened-in porches around the pools and sometimes even pool houses that may not be automatically covered in homeowners policies. Even houses without pools often include valuable assets such as fences, seating areas and other buildings for outdoor entertainment. The lush vegetation that thrives in the Florida climate sometimes requires larger homes to build outdoor facilities for lawn care. Older Florida homes often have detached garages or RV storage.

Though you may not think of these structures as assets different than your home, accidents or other incidents that affect the structures might not be covered as part of your homeowners policy.

How Can I Make Sure I Am Adequately Covered?

Orlando homeowners insurance can be tailored with special coverage for assets on your property other than your house. Find an insurance agent who will discuss your outdoor structures, determine your special coverage needs and make sure you are adequately protected.