So, the neighbors kid teased Rover, and he responded with a sharp nip. Provoked or not, in today’s litigious society, that likely spells trouble. Consider these startling statistics:

  • Pet liability claims arising from dog bites total more than $400 million annually
  • More than 18,500 dog-related injuries were reported in 2017
  • Payouts for claims of injuries related to dog bites have risen steadily over the past 20 years
  • In 2017, an average of more than $37,000 was paid for claims related to dog bites and other injuries caused by dogs

Because many renters and homeowners policies exclude claims from dog-related injuries, as the dogs owner, you are likely responsible for any damages incurred. Few pet owners are prepared for such extreme out-of-pocket expenses, which is why dog bite insurance is gaining in popularity.

Why Dog Bite Insurance?

Many landlords are reluctant to rent to pet owners unless they carry some sort of insurance. Canine liability insurance is designed to provide broad-based coverage not only for the pet owner against claims arising from any dog-related injury, but for the landlord and/or property management companies, too.

Why risk potential financial disaster or forfeit the opportunity to choose where you want to live? Contact your insurance professional today for more information on dog bite insurance.