Accidents and injuries can happen in just about any workplace. Whether you work in construction, in the service industry or in an office, no place is absolutely safe from potential harm. That is why workers compensation insurance is vital to the wallets of both the business and the worker. Here a basic rundown of what it is all about.

Employee Assistance

If you are an employee, you may experience illness or injury while at work. If this damage is done is a direct result of your work, then you receive the financial benefits of workers’ compensation. These include medical treatments that are paid for and wage replacement while you are out sick. These amounts depend on your industry and your state requirements.

An Employers Lifeline

If you are a business owner, workers’ compensation insurance can save you from financial trouble. See, once a worker is covered by your policy they give up the right to sue you in case of injury or illness. This can save you thousands or even millions of dollars that come from this legal process. That is why if you have a certain number of employees you should consider this policy.

Workers’ Comp was built to help both the employer and employee. If you are ready to learn even more about this fascination policy, reach out to insurance experts today.