Accusations of negligence for those in the legal or medical fields, amongst others, are considered a professional liability issue. When a client, or an incident involving a client threatens the financial strength or reputation of a firm, filing a claim is a necessary process that must be followed. It can be quite stressful and often drawn-out, but by following the proper steps, and remaining in constant contact with an Alpharetta Insurance provider, you can reduce the amount of stress felt by both your firm and any individuals associated with the claim.

Notify the carrier at the hint of a lawsuit

In order to be safe be sure to report all potential claims before any claim-triggering event occurs. As soon as you or someone in your firm believes they might have a claim or potential claim to report, it’s important to check your policy for the carrier’s definition of a claim.

The word “claim” is a rather broad term when it comes to insurance. It can range from a simple threat to sue, up to the actual process of being served papers. If an event of this type occurs, and you believe it may constitute a claim, you should notify your carrier as soon as possible in conjunction with the rules of the policy.

Compile all records significant to the claim

Gathering all the pertinent records surrounding the claim is necessary even if the information seems questionable in terms of significance. There is no such thing as too much information. When contacting your provider and filing the claim, provide a brief description of the claim including the potential damages, estimated to the best of your ability. In addition, send along any papers you may have received or emails regarding the threat of a claim since it’s a good idea to provide those to your carrier as well.

Compile additional info, provided by others, related to the claim

Have all employees that are directly related to the client in question record all the information they remember about the incident that the claim is based on. Compiling all available information is the next step in the claim reporting process. Make sure that all of this information, once assembled, is sent to your Alpharetta Insurance carrier.