Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona and Food Contamination

Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona

Cross contamination creates health risks and the likelihood of customers becoming ill from food served to them. This is a potential risk that exists in practically any kitchen and, as the owner of a fine dining establishment in Arizona, this is the type of thing that can be very damaging to your reputation. More importantly, it could lead to lawsuits or other forms of litigation.

Kitchen staff that become lax and don’t adhere to safety provisions run a greater risk of serving patrons undercooked or contaminated meats, and for this reason it’s essential to have Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona and also to maintain a properly trained staff, one experienced in food handling procedures in order to ensure that no food borne illnesses are spread due to negligent or unsanitary practices.

Important safety rules for food storage

It is vital to understand how and why certain exposures exist as this can make it easier to prevent food contamination from occurring. Employees must follow a number of guidelines in order to keep your facility safe and sanitary. All staff should be well trained on those minor details that, if go unchecked, can contribute to the severity of the problems.

Raw meats like poultry are among the main carriers of harmful bacteria. While most bacteria are effectively killed when meat is cooked it’s essential that prior to cooking, any existing bacteria is not transferred to other foods on preparation surfaces. In order to prevent cross-contamination from occurring, keep raw and ready-to-eat foods separated at all times, store any raw foods in well-sealed containers on the lowest shelves in the refrigerator or walk-in cooler, that way, if any leaks occur they will not spill or drip onto other foods on lower shelves and contaminate them.

Staff should know the importance of using separate cutting boards for raw foods. It may even be a good idea to use color-coded cutting boards to help ensure they do not get mixed up. Different food groups should have designated boards, for example, one color for meat, one for vegetables, and one for dairy.

Even the most careful employees will make mistakes now and then, but food contamination is a very serious thing. Protect your business with adequate amounts of Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona for your food contamination concerns.