No business is too big or too small that it doesn’t need some kind of insurance. Just because your business is mobile doesn’t mean that you aren’t susceptible to the same lawsuits and damages as brick-and-mortar restaurants. Having good food insurance coverage could keep you from going bankrupt and losing your business.

 Why You Need Food Liability Insurance

 Food is meant to be enjoyed and explored, but food can also contain bacteria and can be mislabeled, both of which can cause illness and death. Food allergies are another reason you should have food insurance if you’re a food vendor. Food fairs, farmers markets and food festivals will more than likely require you to have food liability insurance in order to participate in the event. Another common practice is for the organization that puts on the event to ask that vendors not only have insurance for themselves, but enough to cover the festival’s name as well as the location. This is known as having the event listed as “additionally insured.”

 What’s Covered By Food Insurance?

 Usually, your insurance plan is a type of property insurance that covers your goods, the location where you’re selling your goods and any food that is being transported. Be sure that you take a careful look over your policy to see if there is any coverage that you can add or would be better off without.

Carefully compare insurance policies before settling on the perfect one for you and your food vending truck, barbeque stand, snack bar or ice cream truck.