residential construction insurance new jersey

Every construction job is both important and dangerous, and therefore requires the proper protection. Not only must you look out for your own project, but all other aspects it may effect. There are various options to be found when seeking residential construction insurance in New Jersey. With their variations in coverage and price, anyone is sure to find the right policy for their business.


A common type of this insurance is commercial general liability insurance. As the name suggests, this policy provides general coverage for things like slip and fall injuries sustained by visitors or other third parties. It may also cover any property damage caused during construction. This kind of insurance package can cover basic defense and settlement costs should anything happen, saving you from paying out of pocket. Such a plan can be included as part of a business owner’s policy, which can be helpful in streamlining your company’s insurance practices. These are often best for smaller to mid-sized businesses without as much to account for as a large company may have.


Each specific detail will be outlined in the plan, so be sure to discuss all your needs with your insurance agent. By adding on other coverages for things such as crime and pollution, you can truly customize the plan to be perfect for you. A good insurance policy can save you both money and stress. The right agency will help you find the best residential construction insurance in New Jersey.