Whether you have a large collection of heirloom jewels or just a single piece of valuable jewelry like an engagement ring, jewelry insurance is necessary to protect you investment. Insurance for jewelry can easily added on to an existing insurance policy, providing addition coverage for jewels and other valuables that are subject to theft, damage, or other losses. These are the steps necessary to get jewelry insurance.

Schedule Items for Coverage

Choose significant items from your jewelry collection to schedule separately on your insurance. These are the most valuable items in your collection, ones that exceed the amount of coverage provided by your standard insurance.

Get an Appraisal

Get a jeweler or other expert to look at these items and determine their approximate value. If the items are new, you can also use receipts from the purchase in lieu of an appraisal. The appraisal is to give your insurance company an idea of how much additional coverage they need to provide.

Create an Inventory

Submit a list of the items you want to insure. This should include a description and photo of the item, the date you bought it, and any accompanying documentation to confirm its value, such as receipts or a formal appraisal.

Take loss prevention measures such as getting a home security system or storing your jewels in a safe to get a discount on your jewelry insurance premiums.


photo credit: catface3 cc