As an attorney, you know how important it is to keep information completely confidential. You deal with sensitive details about individual lives that should be handled with the utmost care. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts you may still run into a situation where you are accused of mishandling a case or breaking a nondisclosure agreement. It could happen to anyone, which means that it could happen to you. Attorney professional liability insurance can offer you valuable coverage so that you are not stuck with the full financial costs of litigation.

What If You Do Not Have Liability Insurance?

If you opt to take your chances and continue practicing law without being protected with attorney professional liability insurance, you could end up being solely responsible for the full cost of your legal defense, whether you are guilty of professional negligence or falsely accused. Many large and small legal firms may not be able to recover from the financial burden of litigation, and you may find yourself facing bankruptcy if you do not have professional liability insurance coverage.

Although general liability coverage is also of utmost importance, do not forget to fill in the gaps with attorney professional liability insurance. It is always better to be prepared for potential lawsuits than to leave yourself financially vulnerable and unprotected. If you do not have professional liability insurance, talk to your insurance agent about adding it to your insurance policy today.


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