If you’ve gone through the toils of birthing a small business, you may want to go the extra step to protect it. You may not know the extent of your risks as a business owner, and you could be held liable for any number of accidents or injuries that occur at your place of business. Due to unforeseen circumstances like vandalism or inclement weather, you could be unable to continue your daily operations and lose a considerable amount of income. This is where small business insurance can help.

A general business owners policy, or BOP, can cover a large area of concern. If you own your building, this should cover the building and your property within in case of damage. You should also be protected if your business is interrupted and you can no longer operate within the premises. You can be compensated for lost income and receive funds for working in a new location temporarily as your primary business location is repaired. Liability protection should cover your business in case of harm caused by a number of reasons. Mistakes happen, and occasionally defective products reach the marketplace. Sometimes equipment is installed incorrectly, which can cause expensive repercussions. While a BOP can be a great place to start, it may not cover all of your risks, which is why consulting a professional for your small business insurance can help you get the right policy for your company.