If you have been drinking, it’s always a good idea to hand your keys over to someone sober. One obstacle to making this decision can be this question: can I let someone else drive my car? The answer is yes…but be careful who you choose.

When Your Friend Gets a Ticket

It is perfectly acceptable to let another licensed driver borrow your car. If your friend happens to get a speeding ticket, it is his or her responsibility to pay. Your insurance company will not be notified, and you are under no legal obligation.

When Your Friend Gets in a Wreck

In the unfortunate case that your night of partying ends in a wreck, you are not off the hook. To pay for damages to the other vehicle, you must invoke your own vehicle’s insurance policy, and often must pay your deductible.

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up?

A recent article by Daniels Insurance explains that yes, your insurance rates will be affected. Even though you were not the one to drive recklessly, you chose a driver who did. It is always best to have car insurance and a designated driver on hand but choose both carefully.