For healthcare professionals, boosting patient satisfaction is a priority at any facility. It can be difficult to understand what drives satisfaction when outcomes are good, but there are a few things that can be done to ensure patients are more satisfied.

Communicating Clearly and Consistently

Healthcare workers should do their best to be approachable while interacting with patients. Smiling, making eye contact, and answering questions whenever possible are all great ways to create an approachable atmosphere. Additionally, facilities should offer education on how to communicate procedures to patients in laymen’s terms so they understand what is happening.  

Addressing Financial Concerns

Many patients will have financial concerns, so having resources that explain payment plans and financing options is important. Make sure patients understand that their care will not diminish based on ability to pay and programs are available to help alleviate the financial burden.

Explaining Safety Precautions

Sometimes patients don’t understand that safety is why they are not allowed some activities, foods or services. Explain restrictions to patients before or when they are enacted so it is not a surprise.

Healthcare workers should understand that patients are often confused or scared while receiving treatment. Increasing satisfaction can come down to clear, consistent communication, offering information on financial concerns, and keeping patients safe.