Are you tired of chasing down insurance leads for days or even weeks at a time, only to have all your hard work come to nothing? For many agents, setting up appointments with prospects is one of their least favorite parts of the job. If you want to save yourself time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere, then you may want to consider an insurance appointment setting service.

How does it work?

Insurance appointment setting services are responsible for canvassing likely prospects in a given area by phone and finding out their level of interest in the types of services that you offer. After a list of prospects has been generated in this way, the service will pass on the names and contact information of interested parties to you. All you have to do is meet with them, pitch your insurance, and reap the rewards.

How much does it cost?

Many insurance appointment setters charge on a per-name basis, meaning that for every name of an interested prospect, you pay them a flat fee. These services generally do not work on a percentage, so any money that you make from an insurance sale is yours to keep. In addition, most services will let you buy only the number of names you want or think that you can handle. They generate lists of any length desired and price them accordingly.