How to Renew Your Prescription Without Seeing Your Doctor

 Are you tired of battling long lines at your local pharmacy every time you need to pick up one your medications? If so, you should consider renewing your medical prescription online. This easy to use method of telehealth will allow you to refill your prescriptions without driving to your pharmacy, saving you time and money.

 Create an Account

 If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits of filling your prescriptions online, you must first create an account. Any refill site will require you to create a member account with a username and password. Once you have created your account, you can add any number of pharmacies to your account. The information needed to refill your prescriptions will then be added to your account, giving you the freedom to refill your prescriptions online, through phone, or even through video.

 Delivery Options

 When you log into your account with your online refill site, you will have several options for delivery. These may include:

  • Pick up at your local pharmacy
  • Shipped to your home
  • Shipped to your work

However, it is important to note that not all online pharmacies will refill and ship all prescriptions. Medications that are deemed as potentially harmful or addictive cannot be filled online due to regulations from the DEA.

Renewing your medical prescription online can be very beneficial in saving you extra energy and time. By providing home delivery across the United States, these online refill sites can ship your prescriptions to you even when you are on a business trip or vacation.