How To Shop for Trucking Insurance

trucking auto liability market

Navigating the trucking auto liability market does not need to be a mystery. With the right information handy, getting the proper coverage can be done relatively easily. Asking the following types of questions can help determine a business’s needs:

  • Which states will the business serve?
  • What is the cost of emergency towing?
  • What type of cargo will be transported?
  • What is the cost of the cargo that needs to be insured?
  • Will stored vehicles need to be insured?
  • Will excess auto liability need to be purchased to cover cargo value that goes over the maximum allotment?

Why Trucking Insurance is Necessary

While all professions can benefit from insurance to some degree, the nature of truck-driving has unique challenges in its job description. In addition to traveling to several destinations, trucking businesses are responsible for:

  • Transporting thousands of dollars-worth of cargo undamaged
  • Safely operating an oversized vehicle around unpredictable traffic and weather conditions
  • Skillfully navigating around other drivers on the road
  • Working long shifts with limited sleep or odd scheduling

With challenges and potential incidents that can occur when an issue happens with the vehicle, driver or cargo, the best safeguard is to turn to the trucking auto liability market for the right coverage tailored to the business’s needs.