As the human race faces new and unprecedented issues with the environment, businesses across the planet have taken to switching their methods in order to find more sustainable routes. Naturally, this has led to many regulatory shifts across a variety of industries. For those involved in shipping cargo via vessels on open bodies of water, there is the additional need to take out required licenses like a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. Businesses are tasked with taking out a COFR when their vessels or shipments reach certain limits. 

What Is a COFR?

In order for you to understand the nature of the Certificate of Financial Responsibility and whether or not your business requires one, you must work alongside professionals with industry experience. Learning from COFR experts is a guaranteed way for you to have all questions answered and check every necessary box involved with regulation. Other areas that you should focus on when making adjustments to your company’s impact on the environment include: 

  • Inclusion of biodegradable containers where applicable 
  • Reduction of overall mileage and gas consumption
  • Stricter monitoring of spills and other environmental risks

How You Can Protect Your Business

The more you know about a COFR and what it entails, the easier it becomes to make the right decisions for your company. Take time to connect with experts who have experience with Certificates of Financial Responsibility and gain perspective on the right choice for you.