Risk management is an important step when determining your liability insurance. But few people consider that their insurance agency can help mitigate their risks. An Olson agency can offer a variety of services to help meet your risk management needs.

What Risk Management Is

The term risk management can apply to any service that helps you either identify or reduce risks in the workplace. These can include safety training, prevention services, or maintenance help. Specific programs offered may vary, but it’s a good idea to talk with your agency and see which services they can provide.

Services Offered

There are many types of risk management services available. In some cases classes may be available to provide your employees with proper training for workplace safety. These could include equipment usage, hazardous material usage, as well as tips for injury prevention. When your employees know the proper safety procedures it can reduce the risk of accidents. Other services could include professional equipment maintenance, or recommendations of ways to make your building safer such as slip resistant shoes or floor mats.

Feel free to ask your Olson agency about which risk management services they can provide. Enrolling your employees in classes for workplace safety can help make sure everyone knows policies. You may also find recommendations for safety equipment or maintenance needs helpful.