Websites for insurance brokers need to do more than look pretty. A quality web design can improve user experience and generate leads. Including a few key pieces into your web design can hit all three.

Call-To-Action Incorporation

Capitalize on those website visits with well-placed calls to action. Invite the user to sign up for an email newsletter with quality content. Place your phone number or contact information in an easy to find location. In fact, pop-ups are common to engage the user into taking an action.

White Space

Don’t be afraid of using white space in web design. A website that is too busy can deter users. You want to make sure it is easy for users to find what they are looking for. Employ a simple, clean design that uses white space effectively.

Mobile-Friendly Design

As referenced on, the web design puts you ahead of competitors when design with user experience in mind. Many users today rely on their smartphones for internet searches. To capture these users, your web design must be mobile-friendly. This means users can access all the main features on their phones with faster download speeds.

By using effective web design, websites for insurance brokers can help generate more leads and lead to higher conversion rates. Consider implementing these three design elements onto your website.