Going to a concert can be the ultimate sensory experience for many fans. With the exceptional talent, energy of the crowd, ambience of the venue and special audiovisual effects, it is no surprise that it is a popular choice for entertainment. However, delivering a show like this to an audience is no small feat, with many factors at play to ensure its success. With all the investment that goes into it, concert insurance is a must to protect all the time, energy and money spent every step of the way.

Unique Needs

A concert is much more than the show the fans get to see. The efforts of a long list of contributors working for months or years are what turn plans into a reality. Therefore, in order to ensure success, concert insurance can help provide coverage with the following types of factors in mind:

  • The high cost of audiovisual equipment
  • Contract terms
  • Safety of staff, talent and concert-goers
  • Domestic and international transportation and accommodations
  • Coverage for managers, talent, stagehands and other staff
  • Condition and safety of the venue

Regardless of the type of concert and the size of the crowd, having the proper concert insurance can help keep all bases covered. Get on the right track by choosing an agency that can take the time to address all concerns, help identify potential exposures and offer a custom plan for all your planning and performance needs.