Running a manufacturing operation is often stressful work with client deadlines to consider along with having employees working long hours to meet those deadlines. As an employer, you rely on insurance for manufacturers to handle any pertinent issues that arise, and this includes injuries occurring while on the job. If an employee is injured while performing their duties, workers compensation insurance helps you to address the needs of those who help service your business needs. A good return to work program can also help lessen the burden brought on by workers comp claims.

It can be a tough transition, which is why it’s a great idea to provide meaningful work activities for employees who are temporarily unable to perform all or portions of their regular work assignments or duties. The goal of return-to-work is to allow valued company employees to return to productive, essential work when they are physically able to do so.

Offering transitional or modified work duties helps

You should make it a point to provide temporary transitional or modified work activity so that injured employees remain an active and vital part of your company. Studies show that this allows workers to recover more quickly and makes for a more positive work environment for everyone.

All active employees who become temporarily unable to perform their regular job due to a compensable work-related injury or illness might be eligible for transitory work duties within the provisions of such a program. The idea is to provide duties within the scope of the employee’s current position, or other available jobs for which the employee qualifies outside the scope of his or her current position. Alternate duty should be a part of any return to work policy designed as a placement service for individuals who have reached maximum medical improvement, yet are still unable to perform the essential functions of their normal work activities.

No one likes to see his or her best assets suffering due to some job-related mishap. But accidents can and will happen, so the best thing to do is always carry insurance for manufacturers that deal with work-related injuries and make sure the injured party receives immediate medical attention.