Insurance Myths Made Easy

Every business requires, at the very least, a minimal amount of business coverage. Insurance coverage protects you, your assets and your employees. While debunking all of the business insurance myths might feel daunting at first, it can be as easy as insurance1-2-3. Here are three myths to watch out for when choosing your policies.

Umbrella Insurance Covers Everything

Your umbrella policy is not a catchall. Generally, this policy extends your liability coverage or protects your assets. Always read through your policies and understand thoroughly what coverage you have. If you work in retail, the construction industry or in transportation, you may have unique needs.

Business Auto Insurance Is Unnecessary

Even if your employees drive their personal vehicles, you may still be liable in the case of an accident when the employee uses his or her car for business purposes. Personal policies may not cover those accidents and so it is up to you to have proper business auto coverage.

Cybersecurity Doesn’t Matter

Everything is digital nowadays! This means that every business is at risk and in need of cyber security and cyber insurance coverage. Do not fall into the line of thinking that it doesn’t matter. Businesses, big and small, require extensive coverage in several areas. Don’t feel too overwhelmed, because it’s as easy as insurance1-2-3 if you have the right information.