Insurance Telemarketing and First Phone Contact

Everyone in sales understands that some of the best leads and contacts are made through the process of making phone calls in order to boost business. There are companies who make it their business to help book leads for insurance agents through advanced insurance telemarketing tactics and lead generation. Using this type of service to gain exclusive leads can help agencies by staying in front of clients and closing deals.


One of the best ways to build a book of business is to employ outsourced telemarketing services or advanced web marketing tactics that their competitors may not be taking full advantage of. Many agents and brokers prefer to develop telemarketing activities in-house; in which case, here are some tips to make phone time more efficient.


Appointments are critical


Failing to set appointments is a crucial mistake, and frankly, not an option. Several telemarketing attempts by a sales rep fail for reasons that can be rectified rather quickly. If an agent finds that they are struggling on the phone to set up their scheduling for the upcoming week or just pushing hit quota, they may want to try the following process and use these helpful hints to become more successful on the phones.


  1. What is the point of the call?


Make certain to make this known at the outset. Most calls are either booked or lost in the first 20 seconds of the prospect saying hello and, if this call was unexpected, it may have interrupted something else that they were doing.


  1. Let them know who they are speaking to


This can be accomplished by making a simple compelling statement, and may be helped with an open-ended question. For example, “Hello, Dan, this is Joe from Great Insurance.  Sorry to interrupt, but I was calling to try and get on your schedule to talk about how I was able to save competitors in your industry up to 20% on their business insurance with our services. I was hoping we could have a conversation about whether we can do the same for you. How’s that sound?”


  1. Don’t talk at length to open


The plan is to simply engage the prospect in a conversation. You want them to ask questions or form some type of response. Ideally they’ll want to know more. If this is the case, set an appointment to meet them. Remember, the point of the call is not to sell a service or product.


Once they agree to meet, set the meeting and clarify pertinent info: address, phone, email, or anything thing else considered to be pertinent. This is the first step in any successful insurance telemarketing plan.


photo credit: News Oresund cc