Whether you own the building where your business resides or you do not own the structure in which you operate you will still require certain insurance policies. Yes, even though you may lease that space from another company or individual, you need to protect your assets. This may be a large building with multiple tenant locations, or a single structure that your company fully occupies.

Commercial property insurance coverage in Orlando helps protect your company from losses related to any damage that may occur to the structure. It pays to protect everything, including the structure, contents, and other assets your company owns.

If you did own the building outright, the business would require comprehensive commercial property coverage to protect the entire structure, including the parking lot, signage, and all other components of real property that happens to be attached to the structure. Tenants should assume responsibility for obtaining their own commercial property insurance.

Pertinent information for new tenants

If you happen to be moving into a structure owned by a landlord, speak to the owner about the type of commercial property insurance that he or she currently has in place. What it covers can differ from one insurer to the next. It’s vital that you learn what it does and doesn’t cover.

Request a copy of the policy that you can show to your agent in order for you to know what type of business insurance you’ll be needing in order to safeguard your own investment. Without this coverage in place, a fire could destroy the building, including your own business, and you wouldn’t have the necessary protection you would need to replace whatever you may have lost.

Commercial property insurance coverage in Orlando is necessary for practically every different type of business. Without it, a company could suffer a serious loss after a fire, storm, theft or if vandalism should take place. This is definitely one of the most valuable and key types of business insurance available to you. Don’t hesitate. Speak to a qualified agent and get the protection you need today!