If you operate a parking service, chances are you have secured a strong valet insurance policy. This is the best way to protect your company from the liabilities presented by your operations. If you haven’t considered a valet policy, there are several reasons why you should.

Drivers with inexperience: Without the right background checks and proper training, your drivers can ruin your customer experience and their vehicles.

Theft: When an individual entrusts their car to your service, they have an assumption that the contents will be safe from theft. Without thoroughly interviewing and checking the quality of your hires, you might be opening yourself up to a claim of theft or other crime. These lawsuits can be expensive, let alone the cost of damages for the customer and your company’s reputation.

Vehicle damage: Whether your employees are at fault or it’s another customer, vehicle damage is a very real liability with any parking operation. Valet insurance coverage offers financial protection by establishing limits for assisting with repairs for damage done while a car is in your company’s possession.

Without the right policy in place, your company will be facing numerous risks without a strong support system. Lawsuits are expensive and devastating to your operations. Check on how valet insurance can keep you protected!