A lot of today’s insurance agencies are struggling to adapt to the technology changes of the 21st century. Several years ago, people shopped for insurance using the yellow pages. They found a phone number and placed a call. Then, they held onto this policy for ages. Things have changed dramatically as people spend their lives online. Now, it is easier than ever to shop for insurance using a computer or cell phone. This makes Internet marketing a necessity for your insurance agency.


People Need to Find Your Site


It’s not enough to simply have a web presence in today’s world. There are hundreds of insurance agencies just like yours that have the same web presence. In order for someone to choose your site over another, they have to know who you are. This is where Internet marketing is extremely beneficial. It allows people to find you, and take advantage of the services you have to offer.


Majority of Your Customers Are Online


Interestingly, 80 percent of people shop online for an insurance policy before they actually decide to purchase. This means that the majority of your customers are online. If you are not using the proper tools to find them, you are losing out on potential business.


With the right Internet marketing tools, you can reach new people everyday. In fact, you can even make money while you are sleeping. If you are not using these tools, start today.


photo credit: ingrid eulenfan cc