Group health insurance is one of the most popular employee benefits you can offer. However, health coverage alone may not lure top-quality talent to your company. If you are revamping your employee benefits package, consider adding all or some of these frequently requested components.

Disability Coverage

Disability insurance is an affordable option to include in your package offerings. There are two main categories of disability insurance: long and short term. Which one applies depends on the length of time an employee will be out of work. In some cases, a worker may begin receiving short-term disability benefits and then transition to a long-term policy later on.

Dental and Vision

Major medical insurance covers preventative and sick patient visits, but it generally does not include supplement care for adults when it comes to vision and dental exams. Many companies choose to offer these as add-ons to group health plans. You can choose to cover the whole cost, part of it, or none at all and simply pass the group rate onto employees.

Life and Accident Insurance

Grou life and accident insurance are two other very affordable coverage options. In many cases, employees are provided with a mini coverage policy and given the option to purchase additional amounts if desired.

You have plenty of options when building a comprehensive employee benefit plan. Supplemental dental and vision, life and accident, and disability coverages are a few of the most popular offerings.