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Don’t Be Pushy About Collecting Data from Website Visitors

Doing business over the internet has proliferated to the point where prospects and customers not only have an expectation that they can conduct business using their computer (or laptop or tablet or smart phone), they are likely to look askance at a company that that does not have an online presence, wondering what else is “lacking.”

Thus, insurance agency websites are a given for sales and marketing as well as providing interactive service and support functions. At the same time, consumers are often leery of sites where they are required to put in personal data—they want the assurance that the information they provide is safe and secure. With major breaches occurring with depressing regularity, people’s confidence that their content will be contained appropriately is waning. And if they aren’t comfortable with providing their information, it’s impossible to follow up on them and convert a prospect to a customer. So, bottom line, make people feel safe.

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