Leash laws were established and created to protect dog owners and their dogs, as well as the general public, from animals whose behavior might become unpredictable under certain circumstances. Dog owners have a responsibility to make sure that they are raising happy, well-behaved dogs, and to provide them with an outlet; dogs that are shuttered and never walked nor taken to the park and allowed to run around generally do not do well statistically.

The reason why pet owners need to purchase liability insurance for pet owners is so that, if for any reason, their “best friend” bites or injures someone in anyway, they will have financial protection in the event they are sued or made responsible for the payment of any medical bills in relation to the injury.

Leash laws are a vital and should be upheld

Several states have dog leash laws and requirements throughout their state, and Florida is among them. These laws, usually referred to as “Running at Large Statutes” exist in a number of states, and those states without “Running at Large Statutes,” which may include counties, towns, cities, municipalities, and boroughs, often enact their own leash laws.

Understandably, most dog owners prefer to let their dogs run loose, especially in designated dog parks, just so that they get exercise and have a good time, but it should be understood that the dog leash laws were enacted for a reason. Safety is always the primary goal; not all dogs are friendly and there are often many children, sometimes very young ones, playing in these parks.

The problem is that some dogs may get a bit too excited and even run from the park and into the street. Some people are just terribly afraid of dogs and their reaction might cause the poor animal to attack, or simply become “too friendly” and even take a nip at the person. When some people have a dog run up to them, whether the animal is friendly or not, they can become rather frightened.

Rather than risk having to report a claim on your liability insurance for dog owners, keep your pet on a leash whenever and wherever necessary.