Two Dogs Playing with a Giant Rope

When Playful Puppy Nips Turn into Biting Behavior

When you get a new puppy, it’s just the cutest ball of fur, but with teeth! Just like children, puppies often explore with their mouths—so besides toys, everything from hands, limbs, shoes, clothing, or furniture can be fair game. While it might be cute for that tiny ball of fur to gnaw on a finger, allowing such behavior to persist only sets you up for a dog bite insurance claim later on.

After all, the jaws and teeth of an adult dog are much stronger and able to cause significant injury, even if the animal is merely playfully “mouthing” your hand. This type of behavior is harder to quash in older animals; for one thing, they’re simply more difficult to control due to their size, but they’re also less sensitive to humans’ reactions in the way puppies are. If you encounter a pet who tends to interact this way, chances are his human failed to teach him to prefer chew toys over fingers.

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