As the population ages, an increasing number of citizens are looking to nursing home facilities for help with everyday activities and assistance with medical care. Modern nursing homes, though, are exceedingly different than those of the past. Gone are the days when residents entered nursing care facilities at the very end of their lives. Today, residents live longer, healthier lives inside residential nursing homes. As such, medical directors must work tirelessly to manage ever-changing risk in modern nursing homes. Purchasing comprehensive nursing home insurance coverage is a great place to start.

Modern Insurance Coverage

In the past, nursing homes could get by with conventional insurance coverage. General business coverage combined with medical director liability insurance traditionally provided the protection most nursing homes needed to manage risk effectively. That’s no longer the case. Today’s nursing home administrator often purchases the following insurance to protect the business:

  • Violation of Residents’ Rights Coverage
  • Barbers and Beautician Protection
  • Medical Director Liability Coverage
  • Staff Criminal Activity Protection

Taking the Next Step

To remain competitive, modern nursing homes must be more than an end-of-life arrangement. Rather, these facilities must engage residents mentally, emotionally, and physically. With comprehensive nursing home insurance coverage, facility administrators have the protective tools they need to take their facilities to the next level.