You have a unique opportunity over other business owners: You are one of the specialty industries that not everyone can get into. This is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, your business is relatively exclusive and is ideal for people who need unusual services completed. On the other hand, since it is such a niche, your competition can get pretty fierce. Use the power of your specialty industries to show clients why they should be coming to you instead of your competitors.

Showcase Your Work

Whether you restore classic cars or sell historic buildings to house-flippers, make sure that your website clearly shows off what you do best. Include pictures of completed projects, happy clients and before and after pictures. Be proud of what you do and use it to draw in potential new clients.

The market in Different Formats

The more ways that you advertise, the better. Dip your toes in every form of marketing that you can think of in order to generate as much buzz as possible about your company.

Some ideas include:

Facebook ads
Pinterest for business
Billboards and newspapers (yes, these are still effective!)

Tell the world why your specialty industry is the best one of its kind. Show potential clients why they should come to you instead of your competition.