As baby boomers cross over into retirement, the need for independent living communities is increasing significantly. In addition, progressive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease are also on the rise. Both of these factors create the need for more professional services in the senior living industry. A proactive approach to mitigating exposures and insuring against loss includes offering insurance that focuses on meeting risk management needs.


Coverage Costs in Line with a Developing Industry


Designs for independent living communities cater to seniors who require a small amount of assistance with daily living activities. However, as more communities evolve, seniors desire specialized services that create the opportunity for increased risks. Comprehensive insurance coverage for Risk Management for Independent Living Communities includes general liability, professional liability, sexual misconduct, commercial property, and other critical factors. Combining features into one policy creates numerous methods for cost-savings over the life of the policy.


Collaboration support


The evolution of retirement homes into independent and assisted living communities has created an alternative for continual homes for seniors from retirement through their final days. A community geared for continuing care includes a collaboration of support from communities, facilities, and nursing homes. Likewise, a policy that covers values-based risk management places priority on the care of residents throughout all organizations and all phases of elderly living.


Developing innovative solutions for Risk Management for Independent Living Communities mitigates myriad risks and addresses a multitude of exposures faced in the senior living industry. A proactive approach with support programs and policies helps control costs, decrease losses, and ultimately increase revenue.


photo credit: Paolo Margari cc