Whatever the recreational marine coverage needs that your clients may inquire about, Merrimac Marine Insurance has the answers for practically any and all concerns related to the owning and operating of all types of watercraft on the high seas. They have been a staple in the industry for three decades, staking their claim by providing the expertise and experience required to assist the various segments that make up this market in mitigating and transferring risk.

Perhaps one of your primary concerns is both obtaining and keeping your clients year after year. Merrimac can help you to accomplish this by providing you with solid insurance solutions and protection along with responsive service. Partnering with Merrimac means that you’ll be working with seasoned professionals delivering a comprehensive insurance program with broad coverage forms, along with exceptional customer service to ensure that your clients’ needs are being served.

A few recreational boating safety tips

Your clients can benefit by observing a few simple safety habits that can help avoid costly lawsuits as well as save lives:

  • Operate at a safe speed and always maintain a proper lookout
  • Know your boat’s limitations as well as your own
  • Take note of visibility, traffic density and the proximity of navigation hazards like shoals, rocks or floating objects
  • Never drink alcohol while boating
  • Always wear a life jacket and insist that your crew and guests do the same
  • Understand and obey boating safety recommendations and navigational rules
  • Check the weather forecast and keep an eye out for changing weather conditions
  • Always carry an emergency position locator, especially when boating in cold waters

Whenever your clients take their yachts and other watercraft out for a cruise they should be aware of the fact that weather conditions can change quite rapidly. By adhering to these safety measures and procedures they can greatly reduce the risk of damage and injury and will enjoy a more pleasant, uneventful trip on the open waters. Merrimac Marine Insurance wants to help you ensure that, when a problem does arise, your clients will know that they have the necessary protection in place to deal with whatever problems might float their way.