Municipalities have a significant duty to protect the financial interests of their constituents. In most cities, counties, and other political subdivisions these city officials are like any other commercial insureds. They tend to have many of the same procurement, claim, and coverage issues that are often encountered by typical businesses.

If you’re a producer who provides municipality insurance to your clients then Aegis General Insurance Agency would like to help you to ensure your clients are getting the needed protection they deserve. The people working in this capacity also operate in a very unique way. Elected officials and staff have been entrusted with the stewardship of civic affairs and are all held to the highest ethical standards. In addition, they also need to operate within a planned budget while balancing the pressures arising from issues such as:

  • Public safety
  • Civic pride
  • Environmental concerns
  • Personnel management
  • Business development opportunities within the community
  • Adequate staffing, and
  • Constituents’ concerns

When considering the products we offer you should also realize that your clients could benefit from risk planning and management. The purpose of risk management is to assist in the identification of potential and/or existing liability and property exposures within a public entity’s operations.

Having a risk management representative will help to identify existing and/or potential liability and property exposures by collecting information pertaining to the operations of a public entity. Recommendations can then be made from the information gathered during the profile to assist in reducing identified areas of liability and property exposures.

Across the nation, communities both large and small face similar risks as they relate to those common concerns that every business entity faces:

  • Employee injuries
  • Theft
  • General and property liabilities
  • Security risks, and
  • Employee benefits programs

But no two municipalities are alike and each deserves its own separate review and special consideration of the types of insurance coverage it requires to meet specific needs and to manage any and all unforeseen risks.

Helping to mitigate your municipal clients amount of risk by identifying existing or potential liability and exposures goes a long way in securing their trust, and you can further your efforts by offering them a comprehensive list of recommendations on how to limit or eliminate them. But providing municipality insurance is what Aegis General Insurance Agency would like to do for you first and foremost. Speak to one of our representatives today!