Everyone needs insurance when driving a motor vehicle and the aim is to keep personal costs for coverage as low as possible. Increases in connecticut auto insurance costs often occur due to traffic violations and accidents, but can also be the result of a change of address, the age of the vehicle being driven, divorce (which can reduce the number of insured), or a change of vehicle type, for instance when you buy a new car.

While the cost for car insurance can be a major expense for many people, rising rates will occur in certain instances. While some of the reasons for these increases are unavoidable, here are some helpful tips to try to help reduce the cost of coverage.

Shop for rates before purchasing a new vehicle

Auto insurance is generally higher for newer model vehicles, and remember that every car has a different insurance rating. By going to the trouble of getting quotes on different models and types of vehicles prior to making a purchase, a consumer can know pretty much what type of rates to expect.

Traffic violations will likely increase your costs

The most common reason why insurance rates go up is the result of speeding, running red lights or stop signs, careless driving or any other infraction of the law. A more serious offense, like driving under the influence (DUI) will not only increase insurance costs but will create severe legal costs as well. By avoiding reckless situations you will avoid getting tickets and thereby keep your rates at a minimum.

Compare rates annually

It’s easy to renew insurance with the same carrier each and every year, but by taking the time to shop and compare rates, you may find a better rate for the same coverage from a trusted broker and the Internet makes the process so much simpler. By spending just a little time you can avoid making a bad decision resulting in higher costs.

By reviewing your current coverage you can ensure that any change that may result in a reduction of your current rate is applied. This can include things like adding a vehicle, change of address, removal of a traffic violation, or any discounts you may be eligible for.

By following these guidelines you can help keep your rates on connecticut auto insurance as low as possible and continue to do so into the future.