The world of technology continues to evolve seemingly at the speed of light. On the edge of these constant changes are the tools that are created for use by managing general agents, program administrators, and insurance carriers. NetSTAT, a product from the insurance innovators at Michigan-based NetRate Systems, Inc., is an example of such a tool–automatically generating ISO® Statistical Codes for every transaction processed through the system, thus eliminating the need to convert coverage data into ISO® formatting.


An ISO Business Partner for the last 15 years, NetRate Systems has long been committed to facilitating and enhancing the development of automated rating systems. In business for more than a decade and a half, the company enjoys a well-earned reputation for an arsenal of powerful, flexible programs that well integrate with ISO, further enhanced by superior customer support and remarkable responsiveness.


About ISO, the data analytics and decision-support services giant


ISO, or Insurance Services Office, is a major data provider about property/casualty insurance risk for more than four decades. The company collects, analyzes, and disseminates a tremendous amount of actuarial, statistical, underwriting, and claims information for a wide variety of commercial and personal lines of insurance; produces standardized policy language; technical services; tools to combat fraud; and more. A division of Verisk Analytics, ISO is the hub of the complex, ever-spinning wheel of data, products, and tools that help the insurance industry function in a streamlined fashion that is increasingly electronics-driven.


The tools you need to be competitive


Being able to effortlessly aggregate statistical codes from policy transactions over a user-specified time interval on demand, or transfer reports to an Excel spreadsheet in order to match your own reporting format, are just the beginning of what you can accomplish by harnessing the power of NetSTAT for your operations. While there are many competitors in the marketplace today that claim to have all the connectivity and flexibility that NetSTAT has been proven to offer, actual clients say that the difference in the products developed by NetRate quickly becomes evident when the tools are put through their paces. To learn more about this and other products, contact a professional at NeRate today.



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