The saddest stories often involve leaving children unattended in vehicles, and this happens on a daily basis. It’s fact that children can and do perish each year as a result of heatstroke after being left alone in a vehicle. Perhaps distracted by any number of things, people often forget that their child is in the back seat of the car. One must always be aware of a child’s presence, especially if the child is quiet or has fallen asleep.

Tragedy can strike if a parent decides to stop at a store to pick up an item or two while leaving their child unattended in the car, because even moderate temperatures can cause the heat inside of a car to rise to well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature inside of a vehicle can rise almost 20 degrees within a span of 10 minutes. Having car insurance in ct is vital to protecting your vehicle from damage or theft, but it’s up to individuals to be alert to keeping young passengers safe.

    • Prevention tips for safeguarding children and pets
    • Never leave a child or animal unattended in a vehicle
    • Do not let children play in an unattended vehicle and teach them that a vehicle is not a play area
    • Never leave infants or children in a parked vehicle, even if the windows are left partially open, and Make a habit of looking in the vehicle, front and back, before locking the door and walking away

Write yourself a note and put the note in view as a reminder that a child is in the vehicle, or place your purse, briefcase or some other item in the back seat so the child won’t be forgotten. You could also keep an object in the passenger seat, such as a stuffed toy. When left in a hot vehicle, a young child’s body temperature may increase three to five times as fast as an adult.

As an added safety precaution, always lock vehicle doors and trunk and keep keys out of your children’s reach, and any time that a child is missing, check the vehicle immediately, including the trunk. If locked in a trunk, high body temperatures can cause permanent injury or even death.

While having car insurance in ct doesn’t cover leaving a child unattended in a car, it’s a valuable safety guard having a policy in place, especially if children are in the car when an accident occurs.