As a health care provider, you have an obligation to meet all of the needs of your residents. Families have expectations of what you are supposed to provide in the way of care and treatment, how you should do it, and when it should take place. When things do not happen as they expect they should, the resulting concerns do not only have emotional consequences for the family, but may lead to their choosing another facility, or worse, filing a lawsuit. Nursing home liability insurance will aid in your defense should this be the case.

In alleviating your residents’ and their families’ concerns, you need to demonstrate that your staff and facility can, and will provide the utmost in care and treatment of the loved ones trusted to your care, and that you have their best interest in mind at all times. And, in the event you are charged with providing inadequate care of a loved one, it is important to pinpoint the source of the issue, particularly if it involves a member of the staff, and find a quick and efficient resolution to the problem.

Solve serious problems quickly

The severity of the problem will help you decide the best course of action to take. If the situation leaves the resident open to some form of harm if not immediately addressed, steps should be taken to ensure that the situation is resolved to the satisfaction of the patient and their family. It’s your job to build a long-term problem solving process for the facility. How fast these approaches should be applied must be determined by the time available for you to put the processes into action.

Whenever there is an issue regarding the care of a resident there should be a prompt response from the attending nurse. All issues should be addressed by any or all of the following personnel; director of nursing, social worker, administrator, or other supervisory person who can provide the necessary action to assure the safety of that resident and any others who may be affected by the same situation.

Resolution comes only when the family is satisfied that the resident is out of any potential harm’s way and appropriate action has been taken to prevent the situation from reoccurring. Your staff is responsible for taking action to alleviate concerns and avoid having a complaint filed against the facility. No matter the severity of the problem, in all cases it is important to have coverage for nursing home liability issues that may arise.