Incumbent President Barak Obama has come under heavy fire since taking office, but will the GOP nominate one of the Republicans hopefuls who can win the election? President Obama has had it tough, criticized by both the right and the left, and has battled the Senate and the House since the mid-term elections in 2010 in an attempt to pass legislation that is in step with his campaign promises.


He passed healthcare reform, despite much opposition – not exactly giving the left what they wanted and coming under fire from the right for the mandate that many feel is unconstitutional. In fact, the Supreme Court will be taking up this issue in 2012 to determine whether the mandate is lawful under our Constitution.


President Obama bailed out the autoworkers when the opposition was against doing so, passed a stimulus package that, depending on which side of the aisle you’re on, felt it either fell short of what was needed to get us out of a recession or saw it as excessive spending in a time when expenditures should be cut. He raised fuel-efficiency standards yet back-tracked on other environmental issues. He, of course, ordered the killing of Osama Bin Laden to pay for his crimes against our nation.


The election may be his to win or lose, but many feel he is getting plenty of assistance from the Republican hopefuls. While they battle amongst themselves, with one or another candidate taking the position of front-runner from one week to the next, President Obama begins his campaign by citing all of the legislation he has been able to pass in the past three years – good or bad – again, depending on your viewpoint. Of course, there is still the issue of the economy and jobs, which is his biggest challenge to overcome with so many unemployed.


In fact, more than 50% disapprove of President Obama’s job performance, and it’s something the opposition will use to their advantage. His approval rating has been a source of disappointment for Democrats throughout his presidency. Yet, despite these facts, many believe that if the Republican Party does not nominate a strong enough candidate for the race, the President could very possibly be re-elected.


Is Mitt Romney the option for the party? How about Newt Gingrich? There are many in both parties that feel that neither man can topple Obama’s bid for re-election, although right now the numbers are favoring Gingrich according to a poll by Rasmussen. Romney must shed his “moderate” label if he is to win the hearts and minds of staunch Republicans across the nation. And, Gingrich, if nominated will have to work hard to overcome some of his past indiscretions. For more on Long Term Disability Insurance find out more from Doctor Disability Insurance.