Policies Your Store Needs Today

No matter what kind of business you run, you need powerful insurance that can withstand any emergency. Convenience stores are no exception. They can be a target to many types of incidents including theft, damage, and accidents. Therefore, investing in these types of policies in your convenience store business insurance package can save you from a headache and a hefty hit to your wallet.

Crime Insurance

Different insurers offer different protections within a crime insurance policy. Convenience store owners would be wise to include theft, robbery, forgery and employee dishonesty within their coverage.

Liquor Liability

If your store sells liquor, then liquor liability should be one of the first policies you acquire. This coverage helps you in case a client causes damage or bodily injury due to the alcohol consumed from your store. Certain policies can even cover the expenses of legal fallout from an incident.

Equipment Coverage

A convenience store is only as good as its equipment. If a refrigerator or machine breaks down, then you won’t be able to hold enough stock. Equipment breakdown insurance assists you by covering any repairs or replacements.
You may also want to consider adding general liability and property insurance in your convenience store business insurance contract to create comprehensive protection. Once you are ready, talk a qualified insurer to see how you can build your plan at an affordable rate.