Restaurant Liability Insurance

If you run a restaurant, there are many areas of business that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. Fortunately, insurance isn’t something that you have to always be thinking about, but it is something that needs to be dealt with. Before you open your doors for business, you might want to contact an insurance agent to see what type of restaurant liability insurance package you can get. The following are some features that might be included in your policy.

  • General Liability. This type of policy will protect you with situations that you simply cannot see coming, such as someone tripping and falling in your restaurant, or someone getting sick from the food you served them.
  • Liquor Liability. If someone gets drunk in your restaurant and then goes out and drives, causing an accident, you could get sued. Liquor liability is a feature of restaurant liability insurance that would protect you in such a situation.
  • Automobile Liability. If you have a car that makes deliveries, or just that you use as the company car, it would be a good idea to have automobile liability insurance for the vehicle.

As you can see, there are many features of restaurant liability insurance that you can benefit from in your restaurant business. Speaking to an insurance agent is a good way to find out more about restaurant insurance and which features you need to have in your policy.