In the Southern Florida there are plenty of individuals and families who have insurance needs that require more than what conventional Miami insurance brokers have to offer, due to the fact that they have a yearly income in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. They therefore need to invest in an insurance service that is designed specifically to meet their needs as a high net worth client.

As a high net worth client, you probably own expensive homes and cars, and even perhaps valuable watercraft, collector cars, artwork, and jewelry that, if damaged, lost, or stolen, would require an insurance policy that covers extremely valuable commodities. Companies that offer private client services help successful individuals and families protect their property, along with their lifestyles, by providing expert personal insurance consultation, solutions, and services.

The focus is on high net worth coverage solutions

As a high net worth client, you need a company that takes a consultative approach to developing insurance solutions that are financially and strategically aligned with your unique goals and risk-tolerance levels. Obtaining the right plan is only the beginning; annual (or semi-annual) review of that plan ensures that it remains relevant and is constantly updated.

Work with a company in touch with industry-leading carriers that only offer the highest quality policies available. Teaming with the right financial partner means that they will be constantly researching and analyzing the insurance market for new products that are designed to meet your unique needs. You’ll benefit from having a company that strives to preserve your high value assets, and will be ready to assist you whenever you have questions or concerns, or when any issues arise.

Many private client services have expertise in insurance services that include:

  • Homeowners
  • Vacation homes and secondary residences
  • Personal automobile
  • Valuable art & jewelry
  • Excess Liability
  • Flood
  • Watercraft
  • Personal Trust Assets

It’s important that you protect what’s most important to you. Seek out the experts when it comes to evaluating your personal insurance needs, because choosing the right company can make a big difference. Talk to a Miami insurance representative that understands how everyone’s situation is unique when it comes to choosing private client services.