As a member of a homeowners’ association, a number of responsibilities fall on your shoulders. For one, you will be one of the people in charge of ensuring the property is properly maintained throughout the year. While some tasks are carried out every month, many more are specific to the season. When summer is on the horizon, you need to think about the property management tips that will keep your real estate looking its best.

How To Maintain Property in the Summer

One of the main tips when it comes to summer property management for HOAs is the greenery found on the grounds. Plants thrive in the summer, but they can also wilt and dry out if the season is particularly hot. Thankfully, the solution is as easy as dedicating extra effort to the watering and maintenance of the plants. Additionally, you may want to suggest maintenance workers do all watering before the sun’s peak in the afternoon, as it is proven best for keeping plants hydrated longer. Other maintenance areas to consider include:

  • Indoor and outdoor communal spaces
  • Seasonal features like pools and hot tubs
  • Benches and other places to rest

Pay Attention to the Season

By focusing on certain features of your property in the summertime, you can ensure maintenance goes according to plan. Create a checklist and stay ready for whatever the coming season has in store.