Machine shops are some of the busiest and most hazardous companies operating today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing jobs have some of the highest incidence rates of nonfatal occupational injuries. In order to keep your employees safe and protect yourself from unforeseen expenses, it is important to carry machine shop insurance.


What Does Machine Shop Insurance Cover?


An excellent general liability policy makes sure that your company is protected from the many common occurrences that could take place at your shop:


  • Property Damage. In addition to protecting your own building and equipment, your customers are also covered in the event that their personal property is damaged while visiting your shop.
  • Bodily Injury. Even at the safest machine shops, accidents can happen. Liability insurance protects your company financially and legally as it covers any medical care required by your clients or employees that were hurt in an incident.
  • Manufactured Products. If your shop manufactures or repairs goods that go directly to your client, having products and operations coverage is critical to your business. If something were to go wrong with your product, causing harm to the consumer, this general liability coverage would protect you from the financial and legal consequences of a potential defect.


In order to keep your company in the black in the event of an accident, make sure that your business carries a comprehensive machine shop insurance policy.


photo credit: drp cc