According to recent statistics, dentists will face at least one malpractice lawsuit in their lifetime. While dental hygienists do not face nearly the same level of risk, they should still consider obtaining their own insurance policy. Lawsuits place medical professionals under immense financial strain, and malpractice coverage can offer the necessary financial protection.


Areas of Potential Liability for Hygienists


There are many reasons why clients sue dental hygienists. Some of the most common motives include:

  • Failure to update medical history
  • Injury to patient
  • Failure to record documentation in a patientUs chart
  • Failure to inform about treatment options and consequences
  • Failure to detect oral cancer or other diseases


Types of Hygienist Liability Insurance


There are two types of dental hygienist liability insurance: comprehensive coverage and claims-made coverage. The first form of insurance protects hygienists from any malpractice that occurs during their policy period. The coverage from these policies extends to their retirement period. Claims-made coverage, on the other hand, protects against claims that occur while their policy is still in effect. Hygienists are not covered for claims that arise after their policyUs termination.


Why You Should Obtain Your Own Policy


Hygienists should not solely rely on the coverage provided by their employers. By acquiring their own insurance policies, they can ensure that they are adequately protected. Dental hygienist liability insurance is a comprehensive form of coverage that will cover any legal fees that arise over the course of lawsuit.


photo credit: WFULawSchool cc