There are many types of insurance that protect people and companies when the unexpected happens. In the world of commercial insurance there are types of coverage that protect both the company and the employees. One of these is workers comp insurance, which refers to cases in which an employee becomes hurt, ill or injured as a result of workplace conditions, unsafe practices in the workplace, or accidents related to the employee’s job. Usually these types of insurance claims occur when employees acquire medical expenses as a result of an incident or conditions at work. The workers compensation coverage then covers a portion of the expenses, protecting the company from having to pay for all of the medical and other bills for the employee because of what happened.
Like many types of insurance, workers comp insurance has programs in place both for preventing losses and covering losses. On the prevention side an insurance company may require those companies paying for their coverage to have programs and procedures in place to help prevent accidents. These are usually safety practices such as wearing a safety belt or back brace, or perhaps doing stretches before each shift or regularly reviewing safety tips on the job site. Covering losses consists of the insurance company paying for a portion of the expenses that come as a result of illnesses or injuries that have already happened to an employee. On both sides of the spectrum, the workers comp insurance coverage can save a company a lot of money, especially when law suits come into the picture.
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