Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance

Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance is a type of liability coverage that is a necessary investment in the leaders of schools, universities and other institutes of higher learning from liability claims that can arise during the educational process. It is vital to safeguard these institutions and everyone from teachers to administrators, volunteers, and board members can benefit from the protection and services this policy provides.


These leaders, who often put in a lot of volunteer time in the development of those students that represent the future, are also exposing themselves to great risk when it comes to legal liability issues. Their decisions, when something goes awry and a lawsuit is launched, could be called into question as to why they made those decisions, and if they were aware of the potential for injury, including financial. D&O insurance is designed to respond to allegations regarding management liability issues.


PTOs and PTAs should also be insured


When staging an event, such as a concert, or school carnival, there are exposures and risks that may not have been considered or properly safeguarded against. While most PTO volunteers see a carnival as a festive way to raise money and boost school spirit, from an insurance providers view, that same carnival can spell the possibility of imminent disaster.

Food stands are a potential fire hazard, and rides can malfunction and riders can become extremely ill, or seriously injured. Someone could experience a fatal fall off of one of those rides, and this would lead to someone pointing the finger at those who failed to provide adequate safety to the attending students, friends and families.


Many educational staff seem to think that they are impervious to a lawsuit, simply because they are a volunteer or simply part of a parent group. The trouble with that line of thinking is that anyone can be sued, and parent groups across the country have been named during litigation on several occasions. Lawsuits require attorneys, which, without directors and officers insurance, can be costly to the point of costing some individuals enough money to wind up in bankruptcy court.


And while many parent group leaders assume, or in some instances may be told by a school administrator, that their group is covered by a school or district insurance policy, experts strongly recommend that parent leaders confirm that this is the case.