Purchasing Insurance for Boat Clubs

boat club insurance

Becoming a member of a vital boat club can solidify one’s professional status and open the door to many future opportunities. The type of clientele attracted to these luxurious environments is generally very successful and full of connections. Wealthy pleasures often involve expensive expenditures, and this is why many members purchase boat club insurance. Depending on the club and provider, boat club insurance covers almost every activity that takes place at these establishments. Due to the prices associated with this lifestyle, purchasing boat club insurance should be a no-brainer for any boat club member who wishes to make this a lifetime commitment.

Acquiring Commercial General Liability

Most boat club memberships involve guest passes that often entice outsiders to join the club when they have enough personal capital. If these new individuals are not well-versed with operating a boat, their injury is a high probability. With this said, this form of insurance also covers any potential property damage. Alcohol is not a foreign substance at boat clubs, and property could potentially be damaged when someone has had too much to drink.

Acquiring Crime Coverage

The personal property located at boat clubs is expensive and a lucrative opportunity for mischievous individuals. Crime coverage protects any form of theft that occurs at your boat club.